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There has been a rapid growth in the telecom sector. With the rapid growth competition has also accelerated and there is a greater need to retain customers. Consequently, the demand for sophisticated software services and applications has increased. If you wish to enter the telecom industry or have a desire to expand and grow in the telecom and networking sector we are equipped with knowledge and experience to fulfil your needs.

We specialize in gathering data from various sources, organizing in databases or data warehouses and completing the solution with front-ends using advanced Internet technologies. We have delivered solutions to different business units like products, accounting, marketing, operations and management.

Financial Services

We have over the years developed efficient and effective solutions for the banking, insurance and investment industries at both the individual and the organizational level.

These solutions often requires complex data processing and our experience and knowledge in databases and data warehouses gives us a unique position to advice, develop and implement solutions in these sectors. In addition we can provide state-of-the art user experience using advanced Internet technologies to engage users of business application and impress consumers.


Today's healthcare organizations operate in a constantly changing environment shaped by increased regulation and competition. In an effort to meet these challenges, they are increasingly embracing the latest technological advances. Our solutions help healthcare organizations to improve quality while keeping the costs down.

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment industry is one industry that, in the past years, has grown dramatically. This can be attributed to the increasing use of Internet and mobile services which has compelled the industry to move towards digitization of services, products and distribution channels. We understand the changing and specific requirements of the Media and Entertainment enterprises and we help you to develop solutions that invent growth and transform business.

Web Gaming

Games are fun and are loved by most people. They are also a unique marketing tool and attract people of all ages to your site. Our gaming team regularly generates new creative game ideas to promote products, increase awareness, generate viral buzz and encourage brand associations. We specialize in developing innovative and exclusive interactive flash games (single/multi- user), educational games, and other interactive multimedia presentations. These can be in the form of online flash games, games for social networking sites like face book. Twitter, Orkut, etc. Brands, interactive advertising agencies, websites… all are welcome.


Education is one of the basic necessities today. The Internet has made it accessible to the remotest corners of the world. Imparting education through the net is an asset to any institute is it for coaching or formal education. It is easily accessible and the latest technologies make it more interesting and effective. We have developed various education systems and teaching modules on the net which are interactive and result oriented. They are especially useful for language learning, evaluation and imparting information.


Efficient management of logistics has always proved to be a great hassle for the companies. Each company has its own requirement and problems. To do away with such hassles we can help you by understanding your unique problems and developing highly sophisticated logistics management software for you that will not only help you in streamlining your logistics process but also save you a lot of money in terms of man-hour and manpower. We can develop a logistics tracking software which would help you to know and keep a tab on your logistics execution process and to enhance the quality of logistics service that you offer. The usefulness of the logistic software solutions we can design can be gauged by the fact that there are many big and small logistics companies that are using our software and are harnessing rich dividends from its use.


The retail business has seen a great boom in the recent past and continues to grow steadily. To help you grow your retail business and give it a great leverage we offer you an exclusively designed retail software solutions. We can, after studying your needs design software that would help you to run both your web store as well as retail store smoothly from the same easy to use program. Right from retrieving your invoices and sales reporting to accounting and retail inventory, everything can be easily done with the retail software we design for you. We have developed our expertise in Software-as-a-Service where hosted solutions make it easier especially for retail chains with stores on different locations. So we can provide a centralized solution and sophisticated data warehouse solutions.


The manufacturing process is eased if you have a manufacturing software system which can provide you multi-level billing capability, inventory control, integrated purchasing mechanism, enable material requirement planning as well as master production scheduling etc This is exactly what we do. We understand your business and do our best to create a solution by designing manufacturing software which can enhance your manufacturing capability and streamline your manufacturing process.

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